Hello,, i am Anas Damra

I am a digital journalist with a ten year experience in many kinds of press and media ( visual , written , Printed , radio).

l had got my technical skills through academic diploma in “Cinema and Television ” that opened the way to get new type of e_press which allows to use images , sounds , Interactive maps , videos and infographics at the same article or production.

I am a professional journalist , also a camera man (videos and photographs) ,Editor for all kinds of photos ,sounds and vedios . I am a graphic designer , internet websites and movies “Vedio Graph ” producer.



Screenwriter in charge for writing scripts for newsand films and TV shows, and social media

graphic design


By working on the Adobe software programs I can implement most of the required designs such as printed designs , websites , web design and smart applications.


I have the skills of photography and video, and I do this work through my journalist perspective , which makes the image valuable content , and serve the stories that I work on.




I obsessed of critical thinking, and creativity to create viable and impactful solutions using Interactive visual content.


Tv Show


Graphic Design

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